The Quality of Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships

Raising a child is obviously no simple or easy task, but it’s so rewarding that it’s entirely worth it. If you’re a parent, you’re pretty obviously a big force in your child’s life, and one of the chief role models. That said, there is of course something to be said about role models and mentors in the extended family. Grandparents in particular often spend a fair amount of time with the children, in many families, and they have a substantial impact alongside parents. Many children have very fond memories indeed of their grandparents as the ones who would always come and take them to do fun things like get ice cream or go to the zoo while the parents get a much needed and deserved break, gather them around to tell a story, bake a cake with them, etc, etc. Vine Vera knows you take raising your children seriously, and undoubtedly want them to have strong relationships with extended family. As such, we decided to take today to examine the grandchild-grandparent relationship, how it’s changed over the years, and how you can help ensure your child has a good one.

Grandmother cooking with her grand kids.

The Increasing Timespan of Grandparents Being in Children’s Lives
The trend lately regarding grandparent-grandchild relationships is that, because modern medicine keeps pushing the average life expectancy up higher and higher, grandparents are able to maintain solid, loving relationships with their grandchildren through childhood, into adolescence, and all the way through to adulthood. This means that, more than before, many young adults don’t just have fond memories of their grandparents, their grandparents are actually still alive and doing well. It often happens that the nature of the activities done together changes with the grandchild’s age; exciting trips to Chuk E. Cheese’s become relaxed outings to a local favorite restaurant, trips to the zoo become trips to the fine art museum, and so forth. The point is, though, that, thanks to modern medicine, grandparents now enjoy a much longer-lived relationship with their grandchildren.

Grand father playing with grand son.

The Quality of a Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship
Many people do indeed have fond memories of their grandparents, and probably still go out to lunch with them occasionally if they’re still alive and well. That said, this experience isn’t unilateral, and there are a number of things that seem to affect a grandchild’s relationship with their grandparents.

There are a number of factors, in fact, and we don’t have time to go into them all now, but one big influence is the level of connectedness and reciprocity of the family as a whole. In essence, if you maintain good relationships with your parents, your siblings, your aunts and uncles, etc., this will ultimately be likely to lead your child to have a very positive, warm family experience, including a happy relationship with their grandparents.

After all, put yourself in their shoes. If you saw your parents and grandparents fighting all the time and getting upset at each other, would you want to go out to ice cream with them? Well, you might, because you’d be a kid, and as such, ice cream might be enough to entice you, but that’s not the point. You’d undoubtedly have a very awkward and uncomfortable time with your grandparents in this scenario, and they wouldn’t leave a very good impression.

With that in mind, do your best to maintain good relationships with your family, and your children are likely to end up doing the same.

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