Natural Wines to Try

It’s not hard to see that Vine Vera is pretty enthusiastic about wine and its various benefits (not to mention the variety of delectable tastes!). So much so, many Vine Vera collections are themed after various wine varietals, and our star ingredient, found in virtually all our products, is the wine-derived antioxidant resveratrol.

It’s also no secret that drinking wine—red wine, in particular—can be beneficial to your health, and can improve the quality and appearance of your skin. But is just any red wine good for this task? Well, the answer, as it turns out, it “yes, but some are even better than others.” In other words, no matter what your favored brand and varietal of red wine might be, sipping the pungent red liquid will probably help. That said, there are a few ways you can maximize the benefit of drinking red wine for health and skin care. One of those ways is to drink natural or organic red wine, made from grapes grown without the use of pesticides! This allows more of the anti-aging and generally beneficial compounds found in red wine to be more plentiful and work more efficiently. Not only that, they’re really tasty, too! Today, Vine Vera is going to be listing a few delightful natural wines you simply must try.

Red wine being poured in a wine glass.

Ribolla Gialla by Radikon in Friuli, Oslavje, Italy, 2007
You’re in for a unique treat if you decide to sample this complex Italian wine. It’s a bold “orange” (a white wine that’s rather deep in color) wine with a deep flavor and color resultant from letting grape skins be a part of the fermentation process for longer than usual. You’re unlikely to be disappointed with this wine; at the very, very least, it will be a unique experience, and probably a very good one.

Priscus by AmByth Estate in Paso Robles, CA, United States, 2011
This white wine with strong herbal overtones is entirely grown and produced in AmByths own orchards and wineries (meaning that if they’re making wine from it, they grew it themselves, which isn’t always the case with many wine makers). It’s delightfully botanical and drinkable with a unique character you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

Cuvee Sans Soufre by Henri Milan in Provence, France, 2010
Popular and very easy to drink, this pleasant red wine contains to sulfites and has a pure, fragrant character.

Rkatsiteli by Our Wine in Kakheti, Georia, 2012
This wine is made by a very unique and ancient (several thousands of years old) recipe that involves actually leaving pips, skins, and stems of the vine left buried underground in a clay jar for six months as part of the winemaking process. This produces a very floral, tannic wine that’s sure to delight.

Mourvedre Nouveau by Shobbrook Wines in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia, 2011
This delightful and drinkable red is mellow and fresh, and includes a bit of natural, residual CO2 as part of the bottling process, making it slightly and pleasantly bubbly to boot.

Nature 2012 by Domaine Julien Meyer in Alsace, France, 2012
A very dry yet light and fragrant natural white wine, this one is priced more reasonably than others, making it as accessible as it is delicious.

Untended Chardonnay by Donkey and Goat in Anderson Valley, California, United States, 2012
This Chardonnay blend comes from grapes all over California and is unfiltered, giving it a marvelous—if not easy to drink (have it with food)—character.

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