Future Skin Care Trends

Skin care in an evolving science; we discover more every day about how it works, what works best, and get closer and closer to the ideal of effortlessly flawless skin. Vine Vera is always on the cutting edge of skin care, offering you a host of products informed by the latest and best in the realm of skin care, but today we’re going to be talking about the future of skin care, and what you might expect to see happening in the days, months, and years to come. Read on for some fun and informative discussion of where we think skin care is going.

Woman looking at her skin in the mirror

Advanced Skin Monitoring
We already have a lot of products in skin care that are tailored to different skin types, different types of problem areas, and just different needs in general. This is great, but it can sometimes be a pain to figure out exactly what your skin needs and then go find a product that specifically meets that need. If the ability to monitor and analyze the state of your skin progresses, we might see technology that can quickly and easily tell us what we should be using on our skin that day. Imagine using some kind of skin sensor or scanner to examine your skin, then getting an instant readout that tells you things like your skin’s moisture content, elasticity, cleanliness, etc. It could then recommend a routine for the day and even direct your attention to the products that would best suit your current needs. Even better, it could combine this scanning tech with the evolving science of 3D printing, and synthesize your day’s skin care regimen right there on the spot!

Woman in a bikini applying sunscreen.

Sunscreen Pills
Protection from the sun is important, and you risk more than just a burn by using anything less than broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher every day; exposure can add up over time even if you don’t get burnt and increase your odds of nasty things like skin cancer and early wrinkles. This is all well and good, and we certainly have effective ways to protect ourselves, but how fun is rubbing on oily goop every day just to avoid this? As we discover and understand more and more about how the skin responds to sunlight, and how its natural defenses could be bolstered internally to really simplify things.

Woman applying moisturizer.

Marriage of Skin Care and Makeup
We already see a fair amount of this already: foundations with SPF, tinted moisturizers that even out your tone while they hydrate, and much more. This is a trend that will probably only get more ubiquitous in time. Eventually, skin care/makeup hybrids may be good enough at what they do that most of your daily needs (save for detail work like eye makeup and lipstick) could be accomplished with a single layer of just one product, that pulled quadruple duty as a moisturizer, sunblock, anti-ager, and foundation!

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