Next Level Makeup Tips

Makeup is a part of many women’s lives (and, for that matter, some men’s as well!), and as such, skill at applying makeup is a desirable attribute to many of us. Practice makes perfect holds mostly true in this regard, but it’s not everything. If you want to really take your makeup to the next level and look the best that you possibly can, there are a few little-known yet incredibly helpful makeup tricks and hacks you should probably be using, but probably aren’t, because you’ve probably never heard of them before. Well, Vine Vera is here today to fix that, so read on as we give you some ideas to bring your makeup routine to the next level.

Woman applying a tinted moisturizer on her face.

Mix Foundation and Moisturizer
Applying moisturizer and other skincare products and then applying pure foundation on top to start the makeup process is all well and good, but there’s a way to nourish your skin even more and get a glowing, dewy, natural look, and it’s glaringly simple: just mix up a little of your favorite moisturizer or skin cream with your foundation when it comes time to apply it. You can forgo separate application altogether to simplify the whole process (great when you’re in a rush), or you can go ahead and apply your moisturizer, and then, once it’s dried and absorbed, apply your foundation mixed with a bit more moisturizer, meaning your skin will get an extra boost of nourishment it wouldn’t have otherwise.

Woman applying primer

The Beginning and End are Critical
A house built with no foundation is on pretty shaky ground, right? It’s probably not going to last very long. Likewise, a house without a roof or walls is equally questionable. Just as with building a house, your makeup routine should start AND end properly for the best results. Further, contrary to what the name of the stuff implies, foundation isn’t necessarily the ideal first step. Before you apply any makeup, dab or smear on some makeup primer to give the makeup something to adhere to so it goes on evenly and stays on. As the very last step, dust on a translucent fixing powder to hold it all firmly in place. With the combination of these two at start and finish, your makeup’s durability should be rock-solid.

Woman using a q-tip to apply makeup

Use a Q-tip with Makeup Remover for Flawless Eyeliner
Trying a new style of eyeliner, like wings or extra bold, and can’t get it to cooperate with you? There are quick and easy solutions to eyeliner like felt-tipped eyeliner pens, but there are some effects you can really only accomplish with the liquid, and they can be really hard to accomplish. To make them work for you, try your best to get it right, but if you don’t, instead of wiping it all away to start over, dab a q-tip in your favorite makeup remover and carefully erase only the sloppy bits and rough edges, leaving behind a flawless eyeliner design.

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