Vacation Beauty Do’s

When you go on a vacation the last thing you want to do is to be overly fussy about your beauty routine. This is especially true if you are going somewhere warm, tropical, and relaxed. This is the time to kick back your hair and makeup a bit so that you can enjoy just being on vacation. Here are some of the top vacation beauty do’s for you to try on your trip. Granted if you are going on a trip to Paris or Milan during peak fashion season then all bets are off. You’ll have to do it up to the nine’s, but for a truly downtime trip to the beach these tips will have you paired down to the basics in no time flat. Oh, and leave your flat iron at home. That’s an order!

Woman with free-flowing hair

Do Let Your Hair Rest
If you are one of those people who gets bi-weekly blowouts, or utilizes a flat iron most days then give your hair a much-needed break. Styling tools like blow dryers, and hot irons cause so much stress to the delicate hair structure. Let your hair air dry in the warm sun on vacation to give it a chance to recuperate.

Woman conditioning her hair.

Do Use Less Product
Other than a little bit of leave in conditioner, in combination with a frizz defying gel. what more do you need on vacation? Enjoy the natural texture of your hair for once. Men love a little natural wave in a girl’s hair. So your partner might enjoy seeing you “au natural” for once. IF you are going to the beach for a few hours, you might also want to slick a deep conditioner through your hair to give it a hydration boost.

Woman's hands holding a tinted moisturizer

Do Go Without Foundation
Lighten up on your makeup, especially if you were a full face of foundation every day. Give your skin a chance to breathe on vacation. Take a lighter BB Cream with you instead. It will even out your skin tone just as well, but allow your skin to show through. Fresh, natural skin looks way more vacation appropriate than your normal full coverage meant for the office foundation.

Woman applying sunscreen in a beach.

Do Wear Sunscreen
Of course, you are diligently wearing your sunscreen year round right? Will, amp up the coverage on vacation. Sun exposure is the number one cause of aging in the skin. It is responsible for around 80 percent of it, so protect your skin as your investment in your skin health for the future.

Do An All Over Color Stick
A few makeup companies make these, but a two of the favorites are Nars Cosmetics “The Multiple Stick” and Charlotte Tilbury “Beach Stick.” Both are creamy to blend easily over eyes, lips, and cheeks to give you that all over flush of healthy color. “Ibiza” Beach stick is the perfect bronzy tone to give you that warm glow you desire while on vacation. It will look great with all your bright sundresses, and strappy espadrilles.

Woman applying mascara

Do Use Waterproof Mascara
No one likes to see someone get out of the pool with raccoon eyes. That means ringed by non-waterproof mascara that has smudged all over the eye area. Prevent this by investing in a great waterproof mascara. Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara ($31) is a staple for any vacation destination that has water activities. It’s not too thick so it will look more natural. Get it in dark brown for an even softer look while swimming.

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