Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation

If you’re on vacation—which is likely to happen soon if it hasn’t already, considering summer is in full swing and it’s a great time to travel—there are a lot of temptations all around you when it comes to food and sweets. For one thing, traveling is a fantastic time to try new and strange things, especially if you’re out of the country! Additionally, you’ll likely find that these days, hotel rooms are stuffed to the brim with enticing treats that not only aren’t included in the price of your stay (those devious hotel owners like to put things right there in your room that will cost you extra to actually enjoy), but even if money’s no object, the convenience of them is just a bit too enticing if you’re trying to keep off the pounds, avoid the health detriments of refined sugar, or both! On that note, Vine Vera decided it could be helpful for us to put together a bunch of helpful tips that will keep you fit all vacation long.

Couple having a salad in a beach.

Bring Your Own Snacks
When it comes to the convenience snacks available in hotel rooms, really the best way to avoid eating them is to bring your own, so you won’t be tempted, because when you want to reach for that snickers bar tantalizingly left in your room by the hotel staff, hoping you’ll eat it so they can charge you for it, you’ll remember you have another option tucked away in your luggage. This way, you can curb the temptation to eat a high-fat, calorie rich candy bar and instead turn to things like fruit and nut clusters, veggie chips, granola bars or low-fat Greek yogurt, which will keep you satisfied and keep you from satisfying yourself with something unhealthy.

Friends having snacks

Order Small…Or Share!
Eating well and trying new things is a huge part of the fun in a vacation, so don’t hold back! Go to nice restaurants you don’t have back home and try something new, or just sit back and relax with an old favorite you don’t normally get to treat yourself to. But to keep your appetite in check, just order smaller portions, or—if they don’t offer small enough portions (really, not enough places do, which is a shame)—split it with someone!

Woman jogging in a beach.

Continue Your Exercise Routine
Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t keep up your regular exercise routine! Many hotels have exercise rooms with cardio and weight machines, and going for a brisk run around the town is a great way to experience your vacation spot in a new light, while keeping fit at the same time. Not only is it totally doable to keep up with your workouts while on vacation, it can actually make it more enjoyable and relaxing! After all, does anything feel better than thoroughly tiring yourself out and then collapsing on your hotel bed for awhile, or better yet, getting a massage? Many hotels, in fact, provide massage services, which can be a quintessential part of a relaxing vacation, and feels so good after a full workout.

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