Why Vitamin C is Vital for Good Skin – Vine Vera Reviews

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Vine Vera has made it pretty clear that vitamin C is highly beneficial to your health in a number of ways you might not have expected. But this begs the question: if most of vitamin C’s benefits seem to come from ingestion and metabolism in the body, what makes it such an amazing ingredient for skin care products, and why does Vine Vera include it in our vitamin C collection?

Well, it turns out that vitamin C is beneficial in more ways—and via more application methods—than you might have expected. Today, Vine Vera will highlight several of the benefits vitamin C has for skin care specifically, and why it is, in fact, essential for good skin.

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Vitamin C presents a highly effective way to brighten the skin, specifically removing discoloration like sunspots and darkened areas. Within a few weeks of using a vitamin C-enriched skin product on a given area (especially the face), any discoloration should be noticeably brighter, and may very well disappear altogether after a few more weeks. The best part of using vitamin C as a brightening method is that it doesn’t require any toxic or questionable bleaching compounds like certain other approaches do, and it won’t lighten your overall skin tone so much as it will destroy irritating patches of darkness and discoloration, giving you an even tone across your whole face (or any other part of the body it’s used on.


As we covered yesterday, vitamin C doubles as a potent antioxidant. In this capacity, it fights free radicals—which are a major contributor to the aging process and general cell degradation—thereby keeping your skin fresh and healthy when applied topically. The best part of this is that mixtures of vitamin C and other antioxidants, like resveratrol, are especially potent, and will give you a healthy glow like nothing else.

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Softener and Anti-Wrinkling Agent
As if all that wasn’t enough, topically applied vitamin C also contributes to softer skin overtime, boosting collagen production to make skin smooth, soft-feeling, and more elastic. This also has the happy effect of preventing and even reversing wrinkling, because the increased elasticity of the skin translates to tighter and more taut skin that is smooth and less likely to form wrinkles or lines. Further, these effects are also granted by ingested vitamin C, and can be compounded when you simultaneously apply vitamin C-enriched skin care products and orally consume about 500 mg of vitamin C daily from supplements and by augmenting your diet with citrus fruit, dark leafy greens, and other foods rich in the stuff.So eat up, check out Vine Vera’s vitamin C collection, and get ready to say hello to fabulous skin that lasts!

So eat up, check out the Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection, and get ready to say hello to fabulous skin that lasts!

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