Beach Essentials for Guys – Vine Vera Reviews

Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time to head out to the beach for some great outdoor fun! Whether you live near a beach or have to go on a road trip to get to one, there’s no time like the summer to head over. You can relax under the shade of an umbrella or portable canopy, enjoying the rhythmic rise and fall of the waves, you can play beach sports like volleyball, or you can let your inner child run free and build a sandcastle, dig for sand crabs, or adventure down the shoreline looking for tidepools or caves.

But if you’re going to go to the beach, you’d better be prepared. There’s a few items no guy should be caught without on any beach excursion, and in case you can’t remember all of them, Vine Vera’s here with a handy list.

Guy applying sunscreen in a beach.

Specifically, you should come to the beach wearing broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen everywhere that you have exposed skin, and bring the bottle with you so that you can reapply periodically. Make sure you get face sunscreen for the face, because if you use body sunscreen on your face, you could break out. Reapply every couple hours if you don’t want to get burnt, and make sure it’s got some water resistance if you plan on getting wet at all.

Further, if you’re worried you’ll forget to reapply, get yourself a physical sunblock instead of the more common chemical sunscreens. Look for sun protection products with zinc or titanium to block UV rays; these don’t degrade over time like chemical blockers. It’s still a good idea to re-apply every few hours just in case some of it gets rubbed or sweated off, but if you forget, you’ll still be better off than you would have been with a chemical sunscreen.

Guy wearing sunglasses

This one’s for both style and protection. You can’t really put sunscreen on your eyeballs (or at least, if you do, you’ll probably just tear up and curse out whoever managed to convince you that this was a good idea and need to rinse out your eyeballs and deal with severe irritation, so we don’t recommend it), and yet the eyes can be negatively affected by UV rays just like the skin can, so sunglasses are important for sunny days on the beach.

Besides that, they just look really great, and are a must-have fashion item for every guy who hits the beach this summer.

Man sitting in a beach

Swim Trunks
Loose, long trunks are back in style for men, so skip the speedo this summer and rock some trunks to the beach. You can find them in an array of colors to match your personal preference and mood, and floral prints are really hot right now for guys, which is always fun, because they evoke a warm, tropical feeling.

Guy wearing stylish casual clothes.

Casual Wear (and a Change of Underwear)
This might seem like it should go without saying, but it’s easy enough to forget that when you spend a day at a beach, you will eventually be going home, and when you add to that the chance of a spontaneous decision to go out to dinner or hang out at the mall (which could easily happen if you’re spending time with friends), and you’ll definitely want to double check that you have an extra outfit to change into when it’s time to be done with the swimwear.

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