Skin Care Mistakes Made by Men – Vine Vera Reviews

Skin care is important for everyone, and much of the same principles apply no matter who you are, but it’s also very true that there are some differences between men’s and women’s bodies that necessitate slightly different skin care approaches. For one thing, men tend to have much more body hair and—of course—have facial hair, and this does affect certain skin care practices. Further, hormonal differences (testosterone-dominant balance vs. estrogen-dominant balance) cause men’s skin to be rougher and more coarse than women’s. Higher testosterone levels (than women) also gives men larger pores and greater skin oil output, and that sometimes needs to be taken into consideration too.

So do keep reading, gentlemen, for some common skin care mistakes you might be making, and how to stop making them.

Man applying moisturizer on his face.

Skipping Moisturizer
You might think that as a man, you don’t need to bother with things like moisturizer, especially if you’re going for a more rugged look, but unless the idea of aging and wrinkling prematurely sounds like fun to you, you’d be wrong.

Just get a bottle of a non-drying facial moisturizer and apply a little bit after you shower, once your skin’s dry enough. It’s fairly low-effort, and it will keep your skin smooth and youthful looking.

Man shaving his face

Exfoliating and Shaving in the Wrong Order
Exfoliation is generally just as important for men as it is for other genders, but when exfoliating your face, one thing to keep in mind is the proper order when it comes to shaving: do you do it before or after?

The answer is that you should do it before. the reason for this is that if you remember what exfoliating actually does, it’s clearly best done first. Recall that exfoliating removes dead skin cells so that the young ones underneath can shine through, but it can irritate the healthy skin cells in the process, since the act of ripping away bits of skin—dead or otherwise—isn’t the gentlest thing in the world, even when done carefully. As such, it’s better to do it before shaving, since the already somewhat irritated skin you leave behind after doing your thing with a razor is going to be easily scratched up by exfoliation. Further, exfoliating before shaving also has the advantage of decreasing the likelihood of ingrown hairs and breakouts after shaving, because it gets rid of debris that could clog your pores, so that’s always a plus.

Bartender pouring drinks in shot glasses

Binge Drinking
Drinking in moderation is fine, but drink way too much and you can not only damage your liver (which is bad for your overall health) but leave yourself dehydrated the next morning. Dehydration is the main culprit behind most hangovers, but it also leaves the skin dry and dull looking all over. Calories from alcohol, especially beer, can also add up over time, and certainly don’t help your waistline.

Try to avoid binge drinking, and instead, drink in moderation. One drink a day is less harmful than abstaining for a week and then having seven drinks on the last day. If you do drink more than just a couple drinks in a night, be sure to drink just as many cups of water as you do alcoholic drinks.

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