Signs You May Be Dehydrated – Vine Vera Reviews

You probably know that water is very important to survival, and the body needs it to carry out basic functions, and will stop working if it doesn’t have enough. You can only survive for three days with no water, after all, while you can survive for weeks with no food.

But what, exactly, happens when you lose enough water to get dehydrated? Summer is here, after all, and the summer heat means we lose water more quickly and need to be even more careful about dehydration. Lucky for you, Vine Vera has the answers you need regarding dehydration.

Dehydrated woman in the desert.

What is Dehydration?
Dehydration simply means that your body doesn’t have enough fluids to carry out basic functions efficiently. It can be mild to serious, and is life-threatening if ignored, but generally never gets far enough for that to be a concern, considering that when you get really thirsty, you’ll generally take a drink.

The problem is that, even at only mild to moderate levels of severity, dehydration can have a lot of noticeable effect on your health overtime, and simply drinking when you’re thirsty is not always good enough, since often, you won’t feel thirsty until you’re already a little dehydrated, or you won’t experience thirst for awhile if you’re really focused on something you’re doing or balancing a million things in your busy schedule, even if you do need water. Besides the implications for your general health and well-being, dehydration can also make your skin appear dull and dry, and reduces the efficiency at which your body maintains and grows your skin cells, so it can be difficult to have any kind of healthy glow if you’re dehydrated all the time.

How Can You Tell?
Dehydration is easy to miss until you feel actual thirst, but there are specific symptoms you can watch out for. For one, dehydration often causes headaches, so one thing to consider carefully when you find yourself clutching your forehead is whether you’ve had enough water today or not. Besides that, dehydration can render your mouth sticky and dry-feeling, and make you constipated, dizzy, or lightheaded. Besides all that, if your skin seems dull and dry despite your best attempts at good skin care practices, it’s entirely possible you’re just dehydrated.

Woman drinking water from a fountain after exercise

What Can You Do About it?
Severe dehydration requires immediate medical attention, but mild to moderate dehydration is simple enough to fix by yourself: just drink more water and fluids. While you should never force yourself to drink when you aren’t inclined to (too much water can be damaging just as surely as too little can, because it can upset your body’s electrolyte balance), if you want to stay hydrated and avoid all the healthy and beauty problems inherent to dehydration, try to keep water within arm’s reach all the time (carrying a water bottle is a good idea for this), so that when you do feel like taking a sip, it will be right there. This can make a huge difference in terms of your water intake over the course of the day, and can restore dullness in the skin very quickly.

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