How to Manage Work Place Stress – Vine Vera Reviews

Stressed woman at work.

It’s no secret that work can be really stressful; dealing with a crowded, busy, hectic office environment (or any other type of stressful workplace, for that matter) is not fun, and it can affect not only your mood, but your overall health too, which will certainly take a toll on your complexion and your skin overall. If workplace stress is affecting your sleep, eye bags and dark circles can develop, and being constantly stressed is bad for your skin, and can cause oiliness, breakouts and discoloration

So what’s to be done? Well, lucky for you, Vine Vera has a list of tips to keep your work-related stress at a minimum, to avoid impacts on your mood, overall health, and beauty. 

Stressed business woman.

Take Control of Your Situation
This doesn’t mean bossing people around (especially if you’re not in a position of authority in your job), but rather, taking control of your situation specifically, and knowing what that means. More precisely, learn to recognize what you can control and what you can’t. Focus your efforts on what you can, being proactive rather than waiting for something to happen to (being reactive), and learn to let go of what you can’t control, because if you can’t do anything about it, there’s literally no reason to get worked up about it, because it will cause extra stress without actually accomplishing anything.

Stressed woman at work.

Cut Out Interruptions and Needless Distractions
There are a downright huge number of ways to be interrupted and pulled from whatever task you’re working on. You could get a phone call, an email, a co-worker stopping by your desk, a text, etc. All of these interruptions suck away your productivity and increase your stress levels, because they pull you from your task—even if only for a moment—and create a need to refocus all over again, which takes time and effort every single time you have to do it. Long blocks of uninterrupted concentration are vital to high productivity and low stress, so try to cut out as many interruptions and distractions as you can. Obviously, some interruptions cannot be cut out realistically—like, say, your supervisor stopping by to check in—but following the advice above to take control, figure out which distractions you can cut out, and do so. Make peace with the rest, knowing that as annoying as they may be, you will have to work with them. Possible distractions you could cut out: set a couple specific times to check your email, and only check it at those times each day, so that you aren’t getting constantly sucked in and losing focus on your task, don’t be afraid to close your office door if you really just need to work for a period of time, remembering to open it again later, when you can, and screen your phone calls; if it’s not from your boss or supervisor, let it go to voicemail and set a time every day to—similar to your email—check voicemails and call everyone back if needed.

Tired woman sleeping while working.

Eat Well and Sleep Well
First off, if you start the work day tired, you’re going to end it even more tired than before, guaranteed. Further, if you’re not eating well, you’ll lack energy on another level. Both of these factors contribute to added stress, and further contribute to the damaging effects on health and beauty that high stress can have.

Try your damnedest to get a solid 6-9 hours of sleep, and eat a varied diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. You could also consider taking B-vitamins in the morning for a natural energy boost.

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