Pollution Fighting Skin Care Tips – Vine Vera Reviews

It’s no secret that Vine Vera values clear, bright, youthful skin as much as you do, and we’ve covered a lot of ground in past entries on how to keep your skin as healthy and vibrant as possible. One thing that really deserves some close attention, though, is pollution. The term “pollution,” when talking about skin care, refers to what happens when tiny pollution particles in the air work their way into your skin and discolor it over time. The effect is generally the exact opposite of what you want to achieve: dull, ashy skin that has about as much glow as a broken light bulb. Besides that, pollution can also cause acne, making matters even worse (as if frustratingly ashy skin—even when you do your best to care for it—wasn’t bad enough already).

So if pollution is the enemy of vibrancy and youthfulness, what can be done about it? Vine Vera has a few tips for you that you can use to keep your skin safe from the effects of pollution and retain a healthy glow.

Woman exfoliating her skin.

Exfoliate to Strip Away Damage
You need to use a cleanser to get rid of any built up particles from smog and other sources of air pollution, but you can’t stop there if you want to really keep your skin glowing. Make sure you exfoliate on a regular basis to srip away any damaged skin that’s already too far gone to re-hydrate and repair. You don’t need to do it every single day, but find a regular rhythm that works for you, based on your own skin type and how it responds to exfoliation. Anywhere from every other day to one or twice a week could work, but make sure it’s regular. Further, try to use a chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid, rather than physical grainy exfoliants, because grains don’t get the whole face in even coverage, so you could end up with some patchiness otherwise.

Woman holding a moisturizer in her hands.

Moisturize to Renew and Refresh
While some skin cells are too far gone and just need to be stripped away through exfoliation, most of the skin on your face and body can still be saved, even if the new skin revealed after exfoliating still looks ashy or discolored.

Daily moisturization for your face is a must, and it doesn’t hurt to moisturize the rest of your body every day too. To give your skin an especially potent moisture boost, apply your favorite moisturizer, let it sit for long enough to be well absorbed, and then apply just a few drops of coconut oil, olive oil, or any other skin-safe oil, and spread evenly.

Woman enjoying a healthy diet.

Apply Antioxidants to keep Damage at Bay
Free radicals—commonly present in pollution particles—are a major detriment to skin health (or really, the health of all cells in your body in general), and will wreak havoc on your radiance by killing off and damaging skin cells rampantly if ignored. Antioxidants specifically target free radicals and eradicate them before they can do any real damage, so applying a product that contains antioxidants is essential to maintaining healthy skin long-term.

There are many antioxidants out there that can all help in the fight against free radicals and skin damage, but a particularly effective one is resveratrol, which happens to be found in all kinds of Vine Vera products.

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