Skin Care Beyond Your Face – Vine Vera Reviews

You spend a lot of time making sure the skin on your face is soft, radiant, and all-over beautiful, and for good reason: your face is the first thing most people look at, and and important tool for expressing yourself and communicating. That said, it’s all too easy to forget that you have skin all over your body, not just on your face, and it needs to be cared for and pampered just the same. If not, it will will itch, dry up, and grow dull and ashy. You may not be especially concerned about the appearance of body skin when you’re wearing fairly covering clothes, but unless you plan to swimsuits, short sleeves, shorts, medium to short length skirts, or any other number of clothing options that don’t cover you from head to toe, Vine Vera recommends you to it’s a good idea to care for the skin all over your body just as much as the bit on your face. Besides, your skin is the biggest organ on your body, and supporting good skin health is important for your overall health and wellness.

Woman applying moisturizer on her legs.

Staying Moisturized
Body skin produces less oil than the skin on your face, meaning it is naturally drier and therefore harder to keep moisturized. The good news, though, is that body skin is also not quite as sensitive as facial skin, so you can use heavier products on the rest of your body than you do on the face. Make sure to use a hydrating body wash, and really massage it into your skin in the shower to plump it up (it really can make a difference!). When you get out, you can apply body lotion all over, as often as every day if your skin needs it.

Every once and awhile (once every two weeks is a good baseline, but you can do it more or less often than this as you deem necessary for yourself), if your skin seems to be drying out a bit, give your whole body a nice deep conditioning by coating it with coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, or massage oil. Do this before bed for the best results, so it can sit on your skin and work its way in overnight.

Woman with back acne.

Avoiding Body Pimples
Vine Vera has already gone over what to do regarding facial pimples. However, pimples don’t just appear on your face, and getting one on your back, your leg, or anywhere else on the body is both irritating and not terribly pretty. This becomes especially common in the summer months, when the skin is sweating more and producing more oil, leading to a higher chance of getting pimples.

To avoid this, start by showering daily (if you don’t already) and scrub all over to avoid clogging your pores. Further, use a body wash that contains salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide, both of which kill the bacteria responsible for infecting clogged pores and turning them into pimples. If you seem to have a particularly difficult case, talk to a dermatologist about a prescription antibacterial lotion, or ask what they recommend.

Beautiful woman wearing a hat.

Keeping Your Skin Fresh and Youthful
Every now and then, it’s important to exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and reveal the softer, more delicate young skin underneath. Many shower scrubs claim to exfoliate, but instead of regularly scratching up your skin every day, you might be better off doing a deep exfoliation every once in a blue moon instead. You can buy a scrub for this purpose, or make your own, such as a sugar scrub, which is super easy: just mix up some brown or white sugar with enough oil—use a skin-safe oil like coconut, olive, or massage oil—to create a thick paste. Massage it all over your body gently yet firmly to get the best effect.

After a deep exfoliation, try relaxing in a scented mineral bath to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Do this about once a month, or however often works for you and your skin, and you’ll have silky-soft skin all over, all the time.

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