Alternate Sun Protection Measures (Besides SPF) – Vine Vera Reviews

If you are vigilant about protecting your body and face against sun damage than you are probably pretty aware of all your SPF options in the sunscreen aisle of your local drugstore. You might even invest in some of the luxury brand sunscreens that are made by various cosmetics companies such as Clarins, La Prairie, or Lancome which all make exceptional high end sun care products. What are some of your other non-chemical sunscreen options? Not everyone’s skin can tolerate the harsh chemicals that are in most sunscreens. Vine Vera reviews a slew of alternative ways to get your sun protection without slathering your skin with chemical sunblocks.

Woman holding an umbrella.

A Old Fashioned Parasol
A parasol is just a fancy cute word for an umbrella. Don’t be embarrassed if you are going to take a long stroll through a hot sunny city to carry an actual umbrella to shield you from the sun. Many celebrities walk around with handlers who carry those for them so why shouldn’t you? You can find some specifically made to block the sun from hitting you. If you are in your backyard outside, you can always sit under a larger porch umbrella that will shade you from the harmful rays of the sun. They make quality ones that come in a variety of shades to match whatever your outdoor decor looks like.

Woman wearing a wet suit holding a surf board.

SPF Factor Clothing
Some specialty clothing companies makes bathing suits, and other clothing items with an additional sun factor built right into the fabric. So don’t think that your regular old clothing is the same, because it’s not. It needs to have a UPF rating to determine the sun protection it provides. REI is one of the best outdoor gear manufacturer that also carries some of the best sun protection type clothing. So invest in a great lightweight summer shirt, pants, and other clothing gear to get you by in style this summer sunlessly.

Woman wearing a hat to save her skin from the sun.

Hats, Hats, and more Hats
There is nothing like a killer hat to make the right fashion statement, and shield your delicate face from the killer rays of the sun. A wide brim hat that is lightweight is the best way to go. Try to find one as well that folds up, and doesn’t wrinkle in case you have some travel plans this summer. That way you can just pop it in your suitcase, and have it look pristine when you arrive at your destination ready to be worn at all times to give you that extra sun blocking protection.

Woman enjoying the scenery from her window.

Stay In the House At Peak Hours
During the weather report in the morning of your local news show, during the summer they will usually tell you the peak UV ray hours to avoid. It’s usually between 1:00-4:00 pm each day when the UV index is going to be rather high. So you might want to just plan to avoid the outdoors during those hours. Do activities in the morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t as strong. YOu’ll still need protection, but at least you won’t be burning up during those intense hours.

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