Beauty Kit Essentials – Vine Vera Reviews

The beauty kit of a woman is considered to be one of her most valuable possessions. Whether it’s a simple makeup kit that she carries to work every single day or a more elaborate one that she carries along while traveling, it really does contain a number of secrets. Vine Vera reviews some of the most important beauty kit essentials, things that no woman can live without, irrespective of how careless or serious she is about things like beauty and makeup.

Closeup of BB Cream.

BB Cream
BB Cream, or Beauty Balms, are known to be one of the most sought after beauty essentials today. These items are basically a combination of a primer and a tinted moisturizer, and most BB Creams also offer SPF protection. These creams offer a flawless light to medium coverage and are the perfect alternative for foundations.

Woman applying a concealer

A concealer is a must have beauty ingredient for women wanting to hide those blemishes and perfect their appearance. Modern day concealers offer a flawless coverage and are known to feature a skin-like finish which makes them an indispensable item.

Woman applying lip gloss.

Lip Gloss
The lip gloss vs lipstick debate doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon, but a lip gloss holds a slight advantage when it comes to beauty kits. A lip gloss is just about the perfect way to make your lips look fuller and give them a more enhanced appearance. Choosing the right shade also gives your lips a beautiful shine which makes them look flattering on all skin tones.

Woman applying an eyeliner.

Eyeshadows help in offering your eyes a dimensional look and also add some much needed color to your face. Shadows can also be used as a liner for that softer look. A single color is considered to be the bare minimum, but you can also go ahead and add more colors to make your appearance even more interesting. This is why an eyeshadow palette is something that really needs to be present in any beauty kit.

Woman curling her eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

Eyelash Curler
Eyelash curlers are indispensable for women with straight eyelashes. Curlers help in curling the lashes and giving them a longer appearance, thereby opening up the eyes. Just remember to curl the lashes before applying the mascara.

Woman applying mascara.

Talking about mascara, this staple ingredient is one of the most basic makeup items that need to go into your beauty kits. It is one of the first things that women buy and can be used to really make your eyes pop.

Set of makeup brushes.

Brushes are necessary for a perfect makeup application. There are a number of travel-friendly starter sets that one can choose from. These sets usually include a powder brush, angled brush, flat shadow brush, a smudge brush and a blending brush.

Woman removing her makeup with a makeup remover.

Makeup Removers
Finally, don’t forget to add some makeup removing wipes into your beauty kit. It is essential to get rid of the makeup before going to sleep, and finding the suitable remover can be difficult while traveling. This is why you always need to have makeup removing wipes with you at all times. They are the easiest ways of getting rid of your makeup, including that waterproof mascara.

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