Target Wrinkles Around Your Lips – Vine Vera Reviews

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Your lip lines often end up betraying your emotions, particularly how much you’ve smoked, smiled or frowned in the past. If you’re suffering from lip lines or wrinkles around your lips, you need certain special remedies that can help in decreasing these lines and give you a better appearance. Vine Vera shows you how to target the wrinkles around the wrinkles based on their depth, number and type.

What are lip lines?
Lip lines are basically the wrinkles or lines that accumulate around your lips. These lines can appear due to all sorts of reasons such as smiling, frowning, smoking or sun exposure.

Depressed woman smoking.

Treating smoke lines around your lips
The first thing that you need to do is to try and prevent the appearance of these wrinkles. To prevent these wrinkles from appearing, you need to stop smoking immediately. Wrinkle fighting lip treatments are also known to be extremely effective in helping you delay their appearance. However, the best way to prevent these wrinkles is through regular use of moisturizers, sunscreens and creams that help in stimulating the production of collagen.

Woman applying some lip cream to protect her lips from the winter cold.

Treating shallow vertical lip lines
In order to treat those shallow vertical lip lines, you need to follow a conservative approach. Since the lines are not deep enough, creams that contain vitamin A are usually more than enough when it comes to improving their appearance. These creams need to be used every night and it might take you 6 months to a year to see visible results. A line smoother can also work wonders in smoothing and plumping the lines around your lips.

Woman getting a dermabrasion treatment done.

Treating shallow smile lines
Smile lines are very common and are considered to be a natural part of aging. Deep peels and procedures such as dermabrasion are known to be particularly beneficial when it comes to treating shallow smile lines. Dermabrasion basically scrapes away the top layer of the skin, leaving behind a less-wrinkled and fresher layer underneath. The treatment is also known to be extremely mild and it only leads to some redness. For those looking for an at-home solution, deep peels tend to work the best. They follow a similar process, but are known to be milder and tend to take more time.

Woman getting an injectable filler on her lips.

Treating deep wrinkles
If you’re wanting to avoid the use of injections, the best way to deal with deep wrinkles is laser skin resurfacing. A laser is used to burn away the top layer and reveal new skin. However, the procedure tends to result in irritation and flaking. For those willing to receive injections, fillers are an ideal alternative for treating deep wrinkles. These fillers are injected at several points around your lips and they boost the volume of your skin fibers. Botox is another alternative and less expensive option for paralyzing the muscles around the lips. However, Botox results don’t last for more than 3 – 4 months and Botox isn’t always the most suitable option when it comes to lip wrinkles either.

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Preventing lines and wrinkles around your lips
The best way to deal with lines and wrinkles that appear around your lips is to prevent them from appearing. There are a number of solutions that can help to delay the onset of these lines and make you look younger for longer. Facial exercises can rebuild your facial muscles and deter wrinkling around your mouth. Topical creams that contain anti-aging ingredients are also known to be extremely beneficial in helping you prevent lip wrinkles. Look for things like antioxidants, stem cells and peptides in your skin care products. Stick to a diet that is high in fresh fruits and sticky vegetables. This helps to increase the level of hyaluronic acid in your skin, which plumps and firms the skin naturally.

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