Take Care of Your Hands – Vine Vera Reviews

Your hands are busy all day, from grabbing coffee cups, to typing at the office, to taking care of household chores, and caring for children. They are one of the first things people see. They speak when you speak through movement and gesture. They complete countless tasks every day, and they take a lot of abuse. Vine Vera would like to give you some tips on taking care of your hands as a whole, and teach you the best ways to give them the best TLC possible.

Therapist massaging a woman's hands.

By giving your hands a massage once or twice per week with a good lotion or natural oil such as olive oil, you are releasing tension from the hands, stimulating good circulation, and stimulating skin cell renewal- not to mention, it feels absolutely fantastic. You can always head to your local salon to get a massage done there, but doing it yourself can feel almost just as good. Another idea is to have your significant other massage your hands, and then you can return the favor by massaging theirs.

Woman wearing gloves washing dishes.

Protect Your Hands
If you are going to be using harsh cleaners or chemicals, or gardening, always be sure to protect your hands with gloves. Slathering on a lotion before applying the gloves will also add a protective barrier against the gloves causing irritation or itching. There are many types of gloves, from gardening gloves, to latex or nitrile. Keep the elements away from the skin to protect the skin from irritation or allergy.

Woman choosing a hand cream at a beauty store.

Heal Damaged Skin
The hands are exposed to so much that it’s easy to end up with hands in need of some serious rescue. When entertaining guests, your hands can become overworked and tired from preparation for the parties, dinners and get-togethers you may be hosting. Simple tasks such as doing the dishes can cause your hands to dry out, crack, and bleed. Using a deep conditioning moisturizing lotion that penetrates the skin and leaves it looking beautiful, soft, and hydrated at night is the best course of action. Opt for a product such as petroleum jelly, slathering it all over your hands, and cover the hands with socks before bed to wake up to revived, soft hands, or if you’d rather use a cream or lotion, Vine Vera suggests opting for a luxurious hand cream every night before bed.

Woman applying hand cream on her hands in a blurred natural background.

Help Hands Look More Youthful
Treat hands like you would your face. You can do this by:

  • Using moisturizing lotion on your hands – opt for an anti-aging blend that brightens the skin; ingredients to look for are Vitamin C, Kojic acid, mushroom extracts, and licorice. Use this type of lotion two – three times per day for maximum benefit.
  • Use sunscreen every time you are going to spend time outdoors to prevent burning, age spots, and other skin damage
  • Exfoliate your hands once per week. A quick homemade hand scrub can be concocted from equal parts of white sugar and olive oil, massaging into the hands, front and back, once per week. This will slough off dead skin and leave the skin feeling beautiful and soft.
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