Ways to Simplify Your Skin Care Routine – Vine Vera Reviews

Do I need to change my routine seasonally? Am I using the right products? Do I need something specific for the eye area? We often come across common issues that tend to complicate skin care. Vine Vera helps you simplify your skin care routine to let you create a streamlined beauty regimen for the warm weather.

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Choosing between a cleanser, night cream, moisturizer and eye cream
There are all sorts of options when it comes to choosing between products. If you’re looking to add that one luxury product in your skin care routine, you should always go for an antioxidant-rich serum. Any effective serum always contains a fantastic concentration of antioxidants that protect your skin from free radical damage and also assist with anti-aging. Look for ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and resveratrol in your products.

Adjusting the skin care routine according to the season
You don’t need to overhaul your entire routine seasonally. All you need to do is make some minor tweaks to give your skin the added protection it needs to combat the climatic conditions. For example, it makes sense to add rich night creams in the winter months because your skin needs more moisture due to the low humidity. Similarly, you need products that contain exfoliants such as lactic acid or salicylic acid in the summers to remove the dead skin cell build-up and give your skin a natural glow.

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The exfoliation routine
People often get their exfoliation routines wrong and end up over-exfoliating the skin. The frequency of exfoliation entirely depends on your age and your skin type. As you get into the thirties, your skin becomes more vulnerable and it becomes more difficult to get rid of the dry and dead skin cells. Start using an at-home deep peel once a week. Look for ingredients such as salicylic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E in these products.

Choosing the best solutions for the eye area
Dry skin makes your lines and wrinkles more prominent. To avoid looking ashy and old, look for an eye cream that contains moisturizing ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter and glycerin. Stay away from eye products that contain things like AHAs or BHAs because these ingredients can end up irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes. Antioxidants such as resveratrol and green tea can prove to be an exciting addition to your eye care routine. And always use eye products at night.

Things to look for in a good anti-aging moisturizer for combination skin
Make sure that your moisturizer is noncomedogenic and oil-free. This ensures that it doesn’t clog your pores. As long as the moisturizer meets these two requirements, it shouldn’t lead to breakouts or a greasy appearance. And while you’re at it, look for anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and antioxidants such as resveratrol in your products.

Woman applies red nail polish on her nails.

How to prevent the fingernails from splitting?
Try and keep your hands away from water. Things like wearing gloves while doing the dishes can work wonders in protecting your fingernails. Water tends to dry your nails, and this leads to splitting. Look for a suitable hand moisturizer and add it into your skin care routine. Another alternative is to use some tea tree oil for effective nail care.

Things to look out for while mixing and matching products
Mixing and matching products shouldn’t be an issue, but you need to take care of two things – never use products with the same active ingredient and never layer up products manufactured by different companies. In most cases, these products aren’t compatible with each other and this means that you shouldn’t be using them together.

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