Home Design Trend: Colorful Lighting – Vine Vera Reviews

Image of a beautiful lamp inside a home.

Nothing brings brightness into a home quite like the addition of some colorful, beautiful lighting fixtures – and with spring now here, now is the time to brighten your surroundings, let the light shine, and feel the spirit of spring all around you. Vine Vera has some fabulous ideas which will help you choose and purchase the perfect lighting fixtures for your particular style and décor needs. If you are struggling with what to buy, how to buy, and finding a style that sparks something inside, read on for our helpful guide on purchasing colorful lighting – and why it’s important.

Choosing Your Personal Style
“What is my personal style?”

That’s the first question in which you should ask yourself when it comes to choosing colorful lighting for your apartment or home. Buying lighting fixtures, just like buying furniture, is all about choosing your own personal style, color scheme, and accessories which will make your living space or office feel like you belong, like it’s a space all your own. It can bring you happiness, and give you a peaceful feeling inside. Lighting is important not only for the obvious reasons of seeing in the dark, but also because it provides a specific ambiance to any room – depending on your preference and what look you’re going for – giving it the feel you want the room to have. It also boosts your mood, and can even be therapeutic to those suffering from various mental illnesses.

Beautiful well lit bedroom

Why Colorful Lighting is Important?
Colorful lighting can, as mentioned, boost the spirits and help you to elevate into a happier, more peaceful mood. It can be the perfect conversation piece when you are entertaining guests, offer something special to each room to match the theme of the room itself, and can range from subtle to bright and illuminating. It’s again a matter of personal preference; however, lighting can certainly add the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to interior decorating and choosing those finishing touches for your home.

Beautiful interior designs with colorful lighting.

Types of Colorful Lighting
For those who like to indulge in non-mainstream lighting fixtures, such as antiques or recycled industrial lamps, a colorful measure added to these fixtures can really boost the room’s appearance and offer a techy glow. There are even colored lightbulbs available which can change the ambiance of a room completely, and this type of lighting may work wonders for those suffering from mental illness or in Chromotherapy, which is light therapy, for ailments such as mental illness, and other health related concerns.

There are lamps which stand freely in the corners of the room, to table lamps, and chandeliers. There are rope lighting options, sky lights, string lighting which you can hang from one point to another, or Chinese lantern inspired lights. There are antique light fixtures, ceiling fans with lighting attached, and halogen lighting. With all of the different types of lighting available, you are sure to find a style and color that matches your personality perfectly.

Where to Buy Colored Lighting?
Home improvement stores tend to carry a large array of lighting fixtures and many different types of light bulbs in many different colors. Antique stores generally offer some of the finest lighting fixtures from the days of old in which the fixtures have been restored to original quality, or left as is to preserve the original integrity of the piece. Sometimes, a search on the internet for what exactly you are looking for can lead you right to the piece of your dreams, and you can purchase it online or in a local store near you. There are also many artists which are capable of producing custom lamps and lighting fixtures – they can usually be found on websites such as Craigslist, among others. Yard sales are also a great place to find rare, unusual items – lamps being one of the number one rare finds. Look around, and the results you come up with may surprise you.

Make It about You
Vine Vera hopes this article has helped you gain a bit of insight on colorful lighting and why it’s important to tying your home or offices look all together – and how it can make a big impact on the way you and others perceive your space.

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