Best Hairstyles for Active Women – Vine Vera Reviews

Beautiful woman with messy hair spending her time under the sun.

With the spring season already upon us and the summers looming in the near distance, it’s time to get back to Mother Nature and plan out all those adventurous activities that we have been putting away for a while. One of the most common issues that active women need to deal with is their hairstyle. And outdoorsy lifestyle means that your hair is always getting in the way. Another issue is that the outdoors have their own way of making the best of hairstyles fall flat on your face. Vine Vera examines the best hairstyles to help you actually focus on things that matter – the great outdoors, without having to bother about your hair getting in the way.

The Helmet Do
If you’re a girl who loves her bike, you simply cannot live without a hairstyle that tucks away easily into your helmet. This exciting hairstyle shall let you get from one point to the other without making you look like a complete mess. And the helmet ensures that your hair stays in place, irrespective of how speedy you wish to be. Start off by sectioning out the front sides of your hair (preferably from the ear). Create a low ponytail with the remaining hair. Take a 1-inch section of the hair that you’ve set aside and pull it back towards your ponytail, crossing from right to left. Once done, use a bobby pin to secure. Take another 1-inch section and cross it over the first section, this time going from left to right. Once done, secure with a bobby pin. Continue until you have no hair left out front. You should ideally have anything between 4 – 6 sections of hair. Finally, gather the loose ends and pull them at the base, securing them with another elastic band. Loosen all sections with your fingers and wrap a piece of hair from your ponytail around the band to hide it from view.

The Twist Braid
Vine Vera recommends you to try out the Twist Braid for activities like climbing. It lets you keep those irritating locks away so that you can focus on the task at hand – climbing till your arms and feet hurt. Here’s what you need to do. Start things off with a deep side-part. Braid the front section of your hair across the forehead and use a bobby pin to secure them around your temple. Pull the remaining hair towards the side that has the braid and braid the remaining hair. Once you’re done, secure it with an elastic band.

Woman with a beautifully styled

The Double Dutch
The Double Dutch is perfect for all surf-lovers. It not only keeps your style in place, but also gives you a mermaid-like look when you hit the surf. Part your hair through the middle. Start at the center and French braid your hair, braiding backwards. Braid the hair all the way down and use an elastic band to secure. Repeat the same for the opposite end. Loosen your braids, and you’re good to go.

The Twisted Updo
This look is perfect for all yoga lovers and exercise buffs. It doesn’t get in the way of your routine and doesn’t make you look like a douche either. Part your hair through the middle. Twist along the crown, till you reach the back center. Use a bobby pin to secure twisted section. Move the loose tail from your way by securing it with a bobby pin. Now, move onto the other side and repeat the process. Once you secure the twist with a pin, twist the tail around opposite ends, aligning them to the original twist. Tuck all the ends under the twist and secure using pins. Remove the temporary bobby pin from your tail and twist it. Once you’re done twisting, wrap the hair around your head, ensuring that it stays aligned to the crown twist. Despite the name, it’s not as twisted as it sounds!

The Topsy-Turvy Pony
If you’re planning to go on a hike, the topsy-turvy style might be all you need. It lets you battle any wind that nature throws at you and makes sure that you look presentable once you’re done hiking. Pull back the top-thirds of your hair and make a ponytail. Separate the elastic section of your ponytail in half, in order to make a small hole. Flip the hair through the ponytail and tighten it. Repeat the entire section with a 2-inch section below the ponytail. Remember, your tails should be stacked one on top of the other.

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