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Beautiful woman smiling in a park.

Turns out that your skin care products aren’t the only things that offer anti-inflammatory wonders to your skin. Vine Vera recently came across a new study that was conducted by researchers working for UC Berkeley and published in the Emotions Journal. This study states that checking out awe-inspiring creations such as the Sistine Chapel ceiling or the Grand Canyon might also offer an anti-inflammatory boost to the defense system of your body.

The researchers have managed to link positive emotions – in particular the awe-struck emotions that arise when we check out beautiful art, spiritual wonders and natural delights – with cytokines, lower level proteins that make your immune system work harder.

According to Jennifer Stellar, the lead author of this study and a researcher at the University of Toronto, the findings of this study demonstrate that positive emotions can be associated with indicators of good health.

While higher levels of cytokines have been long associated with poor health and common disorders such as arthritis, depression, type-2 diabetes and heart diseases, a healthy level of these proteins has also been found to be necessary for sending the cells of your body to battle in order to protect the body from trauma, infection or disease.

Experts state that it is common knowledge that things like adequate sleep, a proper diet and regular exercise helps to bolster the body’s defense against mental and physical illness. However, this study adds another dimension into the equation. It shows that positive emotions can also be added to the body’s arsenal when it comes to fighting against illness and diseases.

Dacher Keltner, a co-author of this study, mentions that since feelings of wonder, beauty and awe help to promote a healthy level of cytokines; things like listening to music, enjoying art, traveling to exotic places and going for a walk in a beautiful park can have a tremendous influence on a person’s life expectancy, skin and health.

Two separate experiments were conducted with more than 200 adults, on days when they experienced positive emotions such as compassion, joy, amusement, pride, love and awe. Samples of the cheek and gum tissues were taken on these days, and these samples showed that people with more positive emotions had the lowest levels of Interleukin 6, a common marker of inflammation.

The experts believe that since awe is usually associated with a desire to explore and an enhanced curiosity, it leads to certain behavioral responses that are contrary to those found during inflammation, when the individuals usually tend to withdraw from others.

VineVera believes that this study can go a long way in opening up an entirely new dimension of skin care that focuses on offering people these feel good emotions. In fact, it simply goes onto reward our faith in offering awe-inspiring products and spa-like experiences to all our customers.

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