Take Care of Your Cosmetics – Vine Vera Reviews

Makeup and cosmetics on a white colored bathroom counter.

You spend a lot of money on your cosmetics. Most women love their makeup, and love making their favorite products last, however; caring for your cosmetic products isn’t probably something that’s front and center on your mind – unless, of course, you are a professional makeup artist. Vine Vera wants to help you gain a better understanding as to how to care for the products you purchase, what to do to keep them fresh and clean, and why these things are essential to the shelf life of the product, and your overall health.

Keep the Cosmetic Containers Clean
After using your cosmetics, wipe the containers with a tissue to remove any and all build-up of product that may come in contact with the container, whether its foundation, eye shadow, or blush. Keeping your products clean ensures no bacteria can come in contact with the products – or at least, any more than is absolutely necessary – and will ensure products don’t accidentally make their way onto your hands or clothes. It’s also a great way to make sure colors don’t mix in powdered cosmetics. They look much nicer when kept clean, as well.

Keep Products Away from Water
Exposing products – especially powdered products – to water is a big no-no. Keep all of your cosmetics away from water as much as possible. Imagine your disgust when you open your favorite eye shadow palate to find mold has begun growing inside of the case because you got water inside of it. To avoid that and having to throw the products away, avoid water at all costs.

Keep Items inside a Protective Case, Box, or Bag
By keeping your products safe inside of a makeup kit, box, or bag, you will eliminate mess, clutter, and losing products, as well as eliminate unnecessary breakage of containers. Take the box/bag out when you want to use it, and remember to put the product back into its place when you’re done. This way, you can also organize products by location and avoid the hassle of searching for something.

Keep Products Standing that Should Stand
Products such as foundations, creams, lotions, and toners should always be kept standing if they are in containers made to stand. This will ensure the integrity of the product, and avoid leakage. It’s always a good idea to give your products a shake once every other day or two to make sure they stay mixed and don’t separate.

Makeup brushes that have not been cleaned for a while in a colorful background.

Clean your Brushes
One of the most important aspects of cosmetic care is to always make sure you care for your brushes appropriately. Cosmetic brushes can harbor millions of bacteria and even mold spores – and if they are kept in the bathroom, can collect other nasties such as feces particles which have been floating within the air and go undetected by the naked eye. Yes, it’s true, and yes, it’s disgusting. To ensure you aren’t wiping any of that across your face, clean your brushes weekly by using a gentle hand soap, or baby shampoo. To clean the brushes, simply squirt about a dime sized amount of the product into the palm of your hand – more if necessary – wet the brush up to the metal or plastic area where the bristles meet the handle, avoiding getting water inside that part, and spin the brush in a circle as if you were painting circles on your hand. Work the product through the bristles, and rinse thoroughly. Shake out any excess water and squeeze the bristles in a downward motion to release trapped water particles. Lay the brushes on a hand towel to dry, and give them a good 6-8 hours to dry thoroughly. It’s a good idea to wash them at night so they are ready for use the next morning. After all, you would want to look your beautiful best, wouldn’t you?

Throw Products Away After Illness or Infection
If you’ve been sick with a viral or respiratory infection, or if you have had a recent cold sore, any products in which you have used on your lip area should be thrown away and replaced. There is never a good reason to hang onto a product that could potentially introduce you to further infections or illnesses, no matter how much you love it or how much it cost. Toss it!

Toss Products which have Expired
Using products past their expiration date or shelf life can be extremely harmful to your skin’s health. Over time, products collect thousands and even millions of bacterium with them. Using a product that is past its prime can introduce horrible skin infections – such as Staph. Avoid these by tossing them when the time has come to buy new.

Vine Vera hopes this informative look at how to care for your cosmetics has helped you to understand the ways to care for your products, the reasons why, and has taught you some new things you may not have known about cosmetic care. With proper care, your cosmetics can live their full shelf life through – and will only require updating for illness, season colors changing, or because they’ve run out.

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