Spring Makeup FAQs – Vine Vera Reviews

Portrait of a blonde woman with crocus.

Spring is here finally, and with it comes a whole new slew of beauty problems to deal with. You thought winter was bad with blustery winds, and brutally chapped lips? Spring has a bounty of renewal with fresh air and sunny skies, but also brings Spring rain showers to melt off even the most perfect makeup application. So what’s a poor Spring loving girl to do? Here are a few of Spring’s biggest makeup problems solved for you.

PROBLEM: Allergies are killing me, and my nose is red and runny.
Solution: You need a high powered, long wearing foundation that will cover up that red nose in a flash. That way the foundation will stand up to repeatedly blowing your poor nose throughout the day. For prestige brands look to Nars for their All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation which boasts 16 hours of long wearing coverage.

PROBLEM: Rain is melting off my makeup. I look like a racoon!
Solution: You may not like it, but you are going to have to waterproof your routine a bit. Many people don’t really like waterproof formulas because they are difficult to remove. Luckily there are many new makeup removers that make removing waterproof formulas a snap. So my advice to you is do not fear waterproof makeup. Make sure that your mascara, and eyeliner are definitely waterproof. Many of your favorite formulations come in waterproof versions.  Definicils Mascara from Lancome is the most sold department store mascara for many years running now. It’s exceptional lash lengthening formula does come in waterproof as well.

PROBLEM: The heat is starting to make me shiny mid-day.
Solution: You need an oil-free colorless touch-up powder to refresh your makeup throughout the day. Make sure it’s translucent so that it doesn’t change the color of your foundation underneath.  Makeup Forever’s HD Pressed Powder  is so finely milled that you won’t even notice it on your face when you use it. It’s talc-free formula will effortlessly get rid of shine without any buildup, so you can reapply during the day if you need to. It should be a staple in any cosmetics bag.

PROBLEM: My makeup is too dark for this nicer weather, but I like a smoky eye.
Solution: For the time being going into Spring, ditch the dark grey smokey eye, and instead substitute a more fresh bronzy smoky eye. This will still give you the drama you want in your eye shadow, but will look way more modern. Layer on a cream shadow first, and then apply a powder shadow on top for extra long wear. A little shimmer will make your eyes stand out even more. Little light reflective pigments nowadays aren’t the frosty shadows of the 70’s, so don’t be afraid of a little shine on the eye area. Urban Decay’s Naked On The Run Palette has the perfect set of five shadows that will create the smoked up bronze eye you are looking for. This palette also has the bonus of having a mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, bronzer, blush, and highlighter all together. It’s the perfect makeup travel companion for any of those fabulous spring break vacations you happen to be taking.

PROBLEM: I’m super pale from the winter. What can I do?
Solution: It’s time to break out the bronzer. It’s too early in the season to get any real sun on your face, and everyone knows how bad tanning is for your skin anyway so the ideal solution is to find your perfect bronzer. There are a few different formulas available to try liquid, cream or powder. People with dry skin might benefit from a liquid or cream formula which tend to be more hydrating. If you are an oily skinned girl, go for a matte bronzer that absorbs excess oil as well. Too Faced makes a wide selection of pressed powder bronzers to choose from. I love their Little Black Book Of Bronzers which comes with eight of their best-selling bronzers. You can’t go wrong with this collection, and you’ll be golden and glowy with the sweep of your brush.

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