Modern Wine Getaways – Vine Vera Reviews

There is nothing more beautiful than a trip to one of the wine regions, where exotic vineyards offer the picture-perfect  backdrop for tasting some of the finest alcoholic creations in the world. With modern wine getaways that offer tasting opportunities for the finest vintages cropping up each year, you can also be rest assured of always having something new and exciting to look forward to. The perfectly planned wine tour can deliver a one-on-one with some of the greatest winemakers or bring you closer to some of the best wines in the region. However, it all depends on choosing the right itinerary that caters to your particular interests and flavor profile. Vine Vera examines some of the hottest new destinations for your upcoming wine vacations.

A beautiful vineyard in the Alentejo. Portugal.

Alentejo, Portugal
Alentejo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is highly respected as a new and upcoming wine region in Portugal. VineVera recommends you to stay at the L’And Vineyards Resort, a beautiful resort that is home to a Michelin-starred restaurant and an exciting spa. The Cartuxa Wines is a must visit while in the area. 

Jura Mountains
The mountain region that spans from France to Switzerland is coming into the limelight because of its intoxicating vineyards and wineries. The limestone-rich terrains and climatic extremes bring about an exciting flavor in the wines from the region. One of the most popular wines found in the Jura Mountains, the Cotes du Jura white, is known to boast of an exciting smoky flavor. Another option is the Arboises red that gives out a strawberry flavor. Vine Vera recommends you to pair any one of these wines with the Comte fondue, a staple food in the region.

Oregon, US
Oregon has been traditionally famous for its fancy coffee and delicious wine. However, the state has also emerged as a hot new destination for wine lovers. The Pinot Noirs that are found in its Willamette Valley are known to rank among the best in the world. VineVera recommends you to stay in the Allison Inn & Spa while in Oregon. This charming hotel is home to one of the best chefs in the US, and its premier estate vintage is also expected to make its debut very soon. 

Grapevine in a vineyard in the Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia might be a tiny republic that is home to just 2 million people, but it has been producing some of the best wines the world ever since the days of the great Julius Caesar. Despite its rich wine history, Macedonia has only recently received recognition from wine connoisseurs and the emergence of exiting wineries has really done its reputation a world of good, particularly among those looking for new destinations for their wine holidays. Vine Vera recommends you to check out the Popova Kula Winery and the Bovin Winery while in Macedonia.

Verde Valley, Arizona
The Verde Valley in Arizona is giving the bigwigs such as Napa and Sonoma a run for their money. Echo Canyon Winery might have emerged as one of the first vineyards in the area, but the place is now full of exciting vineyards and wineries that attract wine lovers from different parts of the globe. VineVera recommends you to stay at the L’Auberge de Sedona, probably the best hotel in town. The rooms are equipped with outdoor showers, terraces that overlook the Red Rocks and fireplaces.

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