Vine Vera Reviews Benefits of Wine for Health and Beauty – Vine Vera Reviews

Drinking wine for health and beautyWine is not just something we drink that tastes very nice and goes with all manner of delicious foods to add to the flavor; no, wine has many other benefits aside from its delicious taste and that warm, fuzzy feeling it gives us after a glass or two.

What are we talking about?

Let’s look at this in two sections.

Okay, firstly, wine is good for your health. This is good news! In moderation, and ‘moderation’ is the word we need to remember here, wine has been shown to help lower cholesterol, improve heart protection, prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, and can even starve off the effects of ageing and help with memory function. You might not believe that after a glass or two, but we are of course talking about mild consumption – remember, moderation!

Red wine has been shown to be more obviously better for you than white, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid white wine altogether! It all boils down to the skin of the grape, which is packed with antioxidant properties. The skin of the grape is kept on during red wine production, but is removed during white, so this explains why red wine is often thought to be better for you. Having said that however, there has been evidence lately to show that white wine makes up for it in other areas, so whichever you opt for in moderation could be great for protecting your heart, and keeping you fighting fit for longer.

Again, we’re mainly talking about red wine here, but there have been huge amounts of evidence to suggest that wine could be great for your skin. You know what they say, good skin means a more youthful look, and more youthful look means more confidence for you. It’s a cycle that makes you smile.

Red wine facials are gaining popularity, and there is evidence to show that applying red wine topically to the skin can help in many different ways, such as plumping up sagging skin, boosting collagen and elastin production, and ironing out those wrinkles. Red wine has also been shown to help promote new skin cells, kicking out the old, tired ones.

Sounds good, right?

The anti-inflammatory properties of wine could also be great for reducing acne break-outs and easing inflammation, again when applied topically to the skin, using a cotton bud.

As you can see, wine is certainly not just for enjoying with a delicious meal!

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