How to Shop for Skin Care – Vine Vera Reviews

Shopping for skin careThere is nothing easy about shopping for your skin. When we go clothes shopping, the process is simple, although we might not think so at the time. You want a new dress? You find a new dress. Want a new bag? Easy! When it comes to getting the products right for your skin, the hard work starts.

We all know that at first we need to identify our skin type and make sure we know exactly what it is we’re looking for, but once that part is over with, how exactly do you go shopping for skin care products, without getting totally overwhelmed with the myriad of products being thrown at you simply by going to your local supermarket?

Here are a few tips to bear in mind …

Know what you’re looking for

Other than the type of skin and needs you have, you need to know what products you’re after. Do you really need the total skin care regime package that kind lady at the beauty stand is trying to get you to buy? Are you ever going to need eye serum, night cream, hydrating milk, and exfoliating gel on top of everything else you need? This is where you need to be strong! Buy basics first. I say this a lot and I stand by my advice. You need a strong basis to build on, and if you have a top quality cleanser, toner, and moisturiser in your skin care regime, you’re not really not going to need a lot else all the time. Of course, our skin care needs change over time, but overall, you don’t need everything that kind lady is throwing at you with hopeful cash-sign eyes.

Get some testers first

That lovely lady we were talking about might be quite happy to give you some testers if you speak nicely to her, and this is a good way to find out if the product you’re looking at really does suit your skin. Try before you buy is always the best road to go down.

Ask advice

If you’re not sure which product line to go down, ask someone in the know. If you’re friendly with your local beauty salon, head in and ask what they think. Online reviews are always a good idea too, as marketing blurb is often more about selling the product than what it actually does!

Shop around

Price comparison websites are always a good go-to when you’re trying to find a product for the best price, so head online and find the best deals. Just like you would shop around trying to find a new car or a holiday, treat your skin care products with the same importance, after all, you’re stuck with your skin for a long time!

Be mindful that your needs will change

Once you find a product that suits your skin, remember that your skin will change over time and you might have to tweak your products to reflect this. We talked about buying basic skin care products before, and this is the point where you may need to add in a few extras, such as an anti-ageing night serum etc. Get a regular skin care analysis and make changes appropriately.

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