How to Choose the Skin Care that’s Right for You – Vine Vera Reviews

Various Skin TypesWe all know that looking after our skin has many effects, not least the fact that well looked after skin helps us look more youthful, vibrant, and overall healthier. When looking to establish a skin care regime and to find the best products to help with that, it’s also important to look at your health overall. Do you smoke? Do you eat well? Do you make sure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables? Do you drink plenty of water?

Health on the inside, shows on the outside – remember this!

Identify your skin type

Just like we are all individuals, our skin is individual too. One product won’t suit everyone, basically because everyone has a different type of skin, and even when you break down the three main types – dry, oily, combination – few people actually text book fit into one type, and are often a mixture of two or all three. It’s a complicated business! If you’re not sure, perhaps go to a department store beauty section and get a proper analysis.

Once you find which skin type you are, whether you have sensitive skin, and your colouring definition, you have the basics to build on, and you can focus your products and methods in the direction that best suits your skin, and your skin only. Just because your friend swears by a particular type of cleanser, doesn’t mean it will suit you!

Do you have any other skin-related medical issues?

If you have any worries about other skin-related problems, then head to your doctor for a proper analysis and diagnosis before you go any further. For instance, if you’re an acne sufferer, you may need more specialised treatment to go alongside your skin care regime.

Find the right products

This is where the hard work starts, because you are simply going to be overwhelmed with the amount of beauty and skincare products out there on the market. Get advice from people in the know, visit your local beauty salon for a facial and get advice from professionals, find out just how heavy a moisturiser you need for your skin, and ask for recommendations. Of course, you may find yourself subject to the hard sell, but be strong!

Reading reviews online is always a good place to head, and always bear in mind that you do get what you pay for a lot of the time, so don’t be tempted to head to the bargain department and always expect to find quality.

Ask for testers

Assessing your skin’s reaction to a product via a patch test is always the best option, and a tester is a good way to do this, without spending money on something you might not be able to use. Most large department store beauty stands will be more than happy to give you a small sample to test, simply because they’re hoping you’ll go back and make a sale!

Go for the basics first

At first you should buy a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser to suit your skin type, and do this daily. Never leave your make up on at night – this is a big no no and should be part of your skin care regime! As you build up your regime, you can add in exfoliators, serums, and night creams, if you find your skin needs any additional extras. It’s not a good idea to overload your skin with products at first, and you may find you don’t need many of them, other than the basics, anyway.

Treat your skin like fine china, look after it, and it will look after you!

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