Can Drinking Water Give You Healthier-Looking Skin? – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman with water around her healthy skinI’m sure you’ve heard this conversation before – someone says ‘oh you have lovely, clear skin’ and the person with this glowing skin says ‘oh it’s because I drink lots of water’.

There has long been a ‘fact’ held in high esteem by beauty magazines everywhere that if you drink the recommended amount of water per day, then you will not only be healthier on the inside, but your skin will be glowing and magically youthful too.

Is this right?

Well yes, and no.

There is no strict medical rule that drinking water affects how youthful your skin looks, but there’s no denying that it certainly helps. Look at it this way, as human beings we are made up of 60% water, we are basically a walking bottle of H20, so of course we need to keep the flow flowing. There is quite a lot of variation on how much water you should drink per day, and this varies between medical professionals, but on the whole the 8×8 rule is the way go – this basically means medical professionals recommend you should drink 8 x 8 ounce glasses of water per day, which roughly equates to about 2 litres. Remember though, not every person is the same, so this could vary, and taking into account other factors.

Adequate water consumption helps your body function in the healthiest way, and if you are healthy on the inside, of course you will look healthier and brighter on the outside, so this is a good basis for the argument that drinking plenty of water helps your skin.

Glasses of waterWhat does water do for the skin?

Water on the whole helps your body flush out toxins from the body, and if you get a build-up then you’re going to feel sluggish, grey, and your skin will probably reflect this. Your skin is made up of many different elements but also includes a network of arteries and veins that carry water throughout, and good function of this helps your complexion look brighter. Since water helps carry along blood and nutrients throughout your vascular system, as well as taking away debris and waste products, it’s important to keep this flow going. As a result, you should see plumper, and brighter-looking skin. There is also some suggestion that water could help increase cellular activity in your skin, which could possibly give a plumping effect. What does this do? Plumper skin looks younger, because as you get older skin occasionally takes on a sallow, sunken look.

So, water is good!

You don’t need solid scientific evidence to see that there are fantastic benefits for not only your skin, but also your entire body and wellbeing, to drinking an adequate amount of water per day. Remember that we also get hydration through certain foods, as well as what we drink, and if you exercise a lot then you will need to replace that lost hydration.

Is water good for your skin? Well, it’s not bad for it, and it does have some benefits, so grab that bottle of water and get glugging!

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