Vine Vera Investigates the Disappearance of CA Chianti

Chianti wine in a glass

There has been much discussion about the investigation of the disappearance of California Chianti. Yes, Chianti did originate in CA and then the brands from California started to dissipate. Many wine lovers are wondering why they are not making these Chianti grapes in California anymore. However, while it is still being made there, not many options are left in California for a number of reasons. Vine Vera investigates the disappearance of the California Chianti in this article.

California Chianti is not as Fashionable

Basically, the main reason why there has been a disappearance of California Chianti is because it just really is not as fashionable as the Chianti Classico or the Chianti Classico Riserva.

Less American Wineries Label Wine as Chianti

Another one of the main reasons why people are seeing a disappearance in the California Chianti is because the American wineries do not really call their wine Chianti anymore. The reason for this is because the Chianti is not really a grape. It is actually a location in Italy (a district that is hilly just below Florence which is in Tuscany).

California Wineries Making Italian Wine

The thing is that California wineries do not even make Italian wine. However, the laws allow wineries to make American wine and call them by the generic terms of wines that have been imported. Before the finer wines came about in California, most wineries produced lighter and low-grade Chianti. The wines that were drier and white were called Chablis.

History of Naming Wine

Back in the day, the most popular wines were European and they were called by the names of the region they came from. Later in the 1970’s is when wines started being called by the name of the grapes. This is why some of the same wines that used to be made are not called by the same name.

The Chianti Region

For many, many years the region of Chianti had been popular for their red wines and they made these wines mostly with the sangiovese grapes from the area. They were first popular because they were lighter, cheaper and easier to drink but they have made them taste much better over the years.

The Chiantis these days are darker and even thicker than they used to be. They are also more earthy and drier than the older California Chiantis. You can find better selections in the section of Italian Chianti. You will find some great Chianti Classico wines and even some Chianti Riserva wines. In some other wineries, you can even find Superiore wines which are made from grapes that are extra ripe.

Now, you know about the investigation of the disappearance of the California Chianti. Basically, the same old wines that you know and loved can be found in different names. Wineries are changing the way that they used to do things and this is turning out very well for them. A vast majority of wine lovers may be confused for a while, but as they learn more about the truth, they will begin to understand the disappearance of the California Chianti wine more.

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