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Man going through skin care routineMost guys don’t give much attention to their skin. They dismiss skin care regiments as “girly” and even take pride in their grisly appearance. While some men may always scoff at the notion of taking care of their skin, this will take its toll.

For those men that do recognize the importance of skin care, they may be lost when it comes to getting started with creating a skincare routine. Taking care of one’s skin has become more complex than it needs to be. With the amount of products out there, and conflicting advice on the subject, it seems almost impossible to know where to start.

Fortunately, we have created an instructive guide for you to get started on routine for your face. This routine will help prevent and eliminate blemishes, as well as prevent premature aging:

Step 1: Cleansing

Because of the modern world we live in, we’re often exposed to substances that can damage our skin. In order to prevent these pollutants from causing damage to our skin, we need to wash our face.

In order to wash your face effectively you’re going to need a quality cleanser. In this case, quality doesn’t mean picking up scented, infused soaps. Rather, when it comes to washing your face less is more. Try Vine Vera’s Merlot Cleansing Kit, it is gentle on skin but thorough enough to clean up the dirt.

Once you have your cleanser on hand, start by gently splashing some warm water on your face. Next, squeeze two pumps of the cleanser into your hand. Lather it up nicely, and then gently apply it to your face.

Wait briefly and then rinse it off with warm water.

Some people suggest washing the face twice daily, although for many guys that seems to be too much. Start by washing your face once daily, either after a workout or before bed, and evaluate your results.

Step 2: Shave

Washing your face before shaving is a good idea because the warm water helps to loosen up facial hair.

Before shaving, apply a quality shaving cream to your face. Lather it across your jawline, chin, neck, and anywhere else you need to shave.

Make sure you have a quality razor and begin shaving. Start on you jawline, then work your way in towards the mouth, eventually making your way down to your neck. Make sure to use long, gentle strokes as opposed to short and harsh ones.

Once you’re done shaving, gently rinse off the shaving cream. Let your face either air dry or pat lightly with a towel.

Step 3 (If applicable): Treatment

If you suffer from any type of skin issue, such as acne, now is the time to apply the proper treatment. Please consult an aesthetician or medical professional for best results.

Step 4: Moisturize

Using a moisturizer is essential to helping the skin retain moisture. Without it, our skin would get dry and flaky. On top of that, most moisturizers contain SPF, so they can be used as a sunscreen as well. If this is the case, apply it in the mornings before going outside (This means that you can use your moisturizer twice daily).

So there is a pretty straightforward routine for your face. Again don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Additional Tips

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to get the best looking skin:

  • Have a healthy lifestyle: What we consume has a surprising impact on the appearance of our skin. When we consume foods that our body can’t digest easily, it causes digestive stress which can manifest itself on our skin.
    • Also, avoiding excessive drug and alcohol use is essential. Consuming alcoholic products stresses our skin because it makes the liver work harder. In addition to that, smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products causes premature aging.
  • Avoid Hot Water: Everyone loves hot showers, but they’re not the best for skin. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and can cause the delicate mantle on the skin’s surface to break down. When showering or washing your face, avoid hot water; instead, use lukewarm water.
  • Less is More: Using more products more often on your skin will not lead to better results. In fact it may cause irritation and breakouts. Always make sure to follow the directions on a given product, and err on the conservative side of its recommendation.
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